Deep Cleaning Services Details

Living Rooms and Bedrooms

We dust all surfaces such as window sills, Frames, window Glass, hanging light fixtures, baseboards. We finish with a thorough vacuuming In bedrooms


Removing cobwebs and dirt, wipe down faucets, mirrors, door handles, countertops, and basins, sanitize toilets and clean shower walls and bathtubs. 

High Dust

Pick Up and Straighten

Soak and Scrub Toilets, Showers, and Tub


Scrub Glass/Mirrors

Scrub Sink and Fixtures

Clean Upholstery and Floor

 washing and  wet wipe surfaces, light fixtures, vents, door frames, light switch plates, towel holders, toilet paper holders, cabinet fronts, and tiles outside of the shower area.


Wiping all appliances and countertops. cleaning the drip pans and grates on the stove and the inside and outside of the microwave. 

removing all Grease from stove inside/out cleaning Inside of Refrigerator if empty Only

High Dust

Pick Up and Straighten

Dust/Wipe Surfaces, Door Knobs,

Clean Major Appliances

Clean Glass/Mirrors

Scrub, Dry, and Shine Sink

Clean Upholstery and Floor

We wash and wet wipe ceiling fans, vents, hanging light fixtures, door  frames, light countertops, blinds, and glass in picture frames.

Office & Laundry Room

Wiping down all surfaces, countertops, and cabinets inside only if empty to remove dust, vacuum and mop the floor.