Clean Wall Spots hand prints and shoe print only

Clean Stairways and Railings

Mop Front-Lobby Floor

Vacuum Upholstered Furniture

Dust Ledge and Window Sills

Dust Light Fixtures and Mini-Blinds

Dust Artificial Flowers and Plants

Dust Picture Frames and Ceiling Vents

Perform Low Dusting of Baseboards and Furniture Bases

Clean Lobby Glass Doors and Partition Glass

Polish Drinking Fountains
Empty and Clean Wastebaskets
Mop All Floors
Clean Inside and Outside of Elevator


Clean All Dispensers

Clean Toilet Bowls and Urinals

Clean Toilet Seats, Top and Bottom

Clean All Mirrors, Sinks and Counters

Clean and Polish All Stainless Steel

Clean and Disinfect Restroom Floors

Empty Wastepaper and Sanitary Napkin Containers

Refill Soap, Paper Towel, Toilet Tissue, and Seat-Cover Dispensers

Brum, vacum and Mop all flors